Time to breathe easy

Time to breathe easy
  • Adaptive Ambient Dimming (AAD)
  • Designed to aid a reduction in traffic congestion
  • 24v Operation – optimising performance
  • Fast battery charge and conditioning time*
  • Intelligent real time battery and LED health status monitoring and reporting
  • Low power LED optics

Deploying Signals' SiigSense™ enabled portable traffic systems on the highway, can lessen the time that vehicles wait at site works and minimise disruption to journey times through much improved control options. The easing of traffic flow contributes to the drive to lower the harmful airborne particles we breathe, especially in the inner cities.

Siignals understand cost of ownership and usage. As such every SiigSense™ pod is packed with features and benefits designed to keep your equipment safe onsite. From the visible physical deterrents, such as locks through to the more subtle and sleek technological inclusions such as user codes and pod tracking.


24V operation & industry leading re-charge time

24v DC operation ensures reduced current losses within the system* maximising operational run-time, whilst providing the best in sector re-charge times. The system charge time of 8 hours is achieved with the use of our SiigTelligent™ power supply.

* Compared to 12v operation.


SiigTelligent real time battery and LED health monitoring and reporting

SiigNet™ - Siignals real-time SiigTelligent power supply and battery monitoring system allows not only smart reporting on battery performance and condition, but also provides key data on operational elements of the system.

'Knowledge is power' as they say and understanding of battery capability before deployment and during operation can reap benefits in saved maintenance cost and pre-emptive disposal of perfectly serviceable batteries.

Advanced energy control can also be adapted to customers' particular requirements.


Adaptive Ambient Dimming (AAD)

Exclusively available on SiigSense™, Adaptive Ambient Dimming takes information supplied from the onboard GPS and light level sensor, and if the correct criteria are met permits the light output of the aspects to adapt to the ambient light levels in real time. This allows the pods to operate safely in dim mode for an extended time, saving power and extending run times.

Operational longevity and power consumption is further improved by the use of specially designed low power LED optics, featuring on-board lamp monitoring.

The two-piece sealed units are fitted with individual IPX6 rated plug connections. Optic performance complies with EN 12368 European Standards.

"Siignals' advanced technology represents a significant advance in the battle for cleaner air."


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Toughness is part of Siigsense’s DNA bolstered by a host of security features.

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