with Built-in Security

with Built-in Security
  • SiigSense™ unique site identifier codes
  • SiigSense™ customer codes
  • Security movement sensing and geofencing capability
  • Pod tracking / coding
  • Roto-moulded signal head with internal steel sections
  • Lockable Lid
  • IPX6 rated plug connections
  • Electro Plated Base

Siignals for the journey - together

Siignals understand cost of ownership and usage. As such every SiigSense™ pod is packed with features and benefits designed to keep your equipment safe onsite. From the visible physical deterrents, such as locks through to the more subtle and sleek technological inclusions such as user codes and pod tracking.


SiigSense™ unique site identifier codes

On deployment, the SiigSense™ controller will provide the option of either a randomly generated or operator set site code to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to controller settings after set‑up.


SiigSense™ customer codes

The SiigSense™ controllers can be customer coded for national use or for specific depots, improving equipment security. In addition, a bespoke customer identification representation, such as a logo or message, can be included on the main controller screen, increasing your brand ethos and individuality.


Movement sensing and geofencing capability

In addition to the GPS, each SiigSense™ controller houses an accelerometer. This allows for best-in-class, real-time usage data. Presented via SiigNet™ the systems can be geofenced so that any unauthorised removal or redeployment will cause the internal security sensing to activate an alarm.

"Built to withstand the most testing of tasks and environmental conditions."


Pod coding

Each pod holds a unique serial number. This is recorded by the SiigTelligent power supply on every connection, passed back to the equipment owner via SiigNet™ as part of the data package designed to assist usage diagnostics. As such the utilisation and condition of each pod is always known.


Roto-moulded signal head with internal steel sections

Our robust three aspect signal head is roto‑moulded, self‑coloured and U.V. stable with internal steel sections for additional strength. Individual aspect housings provided for enhanced ease of maintenance.


Lockable lid

Access to the secure battery compartment is by way of a twin lockable access panel under which can be found the onboard battery control and monitoring interfaces along with access to the robust plug and socket connection to the battery charging point.

"GPS allows for secure geofencing of deployed units with tamper-alarming."


IPX6 rated plug connections

Reliability is key. The harsh environment to which the equipment is subjected demands a robust approach to design, as such secure IPX6 rated connectors have been used wherever possible.


Electro plated base

The fabricated mobile signal base unit is electro plated throughout and the optional over painted panels offer a considerable amount of durability. Designed to withstand the most testing of all-weather conditions, whilst offering the owner the opportunity to give the product the roadside identity and presence required.

"Reliability is key - the harsh environment which the equipment is subject to commands a robust approach to design"


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