SiigSense Technology

SiigSense Technology
  • Configurable SiigSense™ touch screen operation on each unit
  • Intelligence driven prioritised demand strategy (PDS)
  • Multiphase enhanced VA
  • Datum Point
  • Integral GPS to optimise fleet utilisation
  • Firmware updatable and reconfigurable
  • Bespoke Siignals Radio technology

The most technologically advanced portable traffic signals in the UK

SiigSense™ has an integral GPS, and can be configured as either a Master or Subject unit, essential for maximum fleet utilisation. SiigTelligent real time battery and LED health monitoring and reporting, maximising operational life of the batteries and reducing environmental impact.


SIMPLE: Configurable SiigSense touch screen operation

Function and form is at the heart of the SiigSense™ controller. Designed with the user in mind, an all-weather and rugged, large 7” full colour, high contrast, wide viewing angle touch screen with intuitive swipe, scroll and tap menus bring ease of operation. The touchscreen software is remotely updatable making the system future-proof and adaptable. The SiigSense™ controller houses dedicated ON/OFF and All Red IPX6 rated buttons.


SAFE: Automatic configuration for vehicle and pedestrian setup

The SiigSense™ controller automatically configures for vehicle or pedestrian set-up, minimising set-up time and reducing the chance of error. Primary and secondary unit identification allows for enhanced safety protocols. The reconfigurable interface ensures that not only do you have total control of the site, but the option to add user and site codes in addition to your company’s brand to the screen, enhances individuality and security.


SMART: Intelligence driven Prioritised Demand Strategy (PDS)

SiigSense™ operates with an Intelligence driven Prioritised Demand Strategy (PDS). Constantly monitoring traffic flow in all operational modes to ensure optimised sequencing, further assisting in avoiding frustratingly long driver waiting times and reducing vehicle emissions. With hierarchical control within all operational modes (dependent on the scenario), the SiigSense™ controller issues demands with differing levels of importance ensuring that the signals react dynamically to the ever-changing requirements of the site.

Multi-Phase enhanced VA & Datum Point

Datum Point

The reduction in excessive vehicle waiting time is important. Datum Point is an operational mode using a nominated central point within the site under control and a distance measurement from each stop line. SiigSense™ converts these distances to time and sets red clearance times for each phase. Depending on the next phase to be shown a green, the simple automatic addition of the corresponding times will run the total clearance time. Effective on most multiphase applications, with a mixture of long and short legs. Standard and Enhanced Datum Point is provided on the SiigSense™ controller.

Integral GPS

Enhanced VA modes

The SiigSense™ controller automatically adjusts the system green times within specified limits to cope with changing traffic conditions on each approach, providing additional green time where needed. The resulting benefits are adaptive tidal flow periods, reduced vehicle waiting time and, most importantly, a reduction in the need for onsite operators continually monitoring traffic conditions and applying manual timing adjustments. This feature applies to both shuttle working and multiphase installations.


Integral GPS to optimise fleet utilisation

As standard, each pod has an on-board Global Positioning System (GPS) which when activated can be used for a wide range of safety and security functionality. Easily locate and identify each SiigSense™ when deployed, in transit or ready for use.


Firmware updatable and reconfigurable

The SiigSense™ system employs a range of standard operating features which comply with current National Regulations and industry recognised operational performance requirements. Through the life of the product there may be a requirement to update firmware, perhaps to bring equipment inline with changes in functionality. In addition there may be a need for alternative operating configurations, for example, site specific timings and signal priorities for on and off highway applications. SiigSense™ has been designed to make this an easily controlled and secure process*. Equipment can be updated or reconfigured remotely without the need for disassembly, reducing downtime to an absolute minimum. The firmware status of each SiigSense™ unit can be easily identified and any updates actioned efficiently during the life of the product.

* Non safety critical elements of the system.

Bespoke Siignals Radio technology

Bespoke Siignals radio technology

Interfacing with the SiigSenseTM controller the bespoke Siignals radio transceiver embraces the very latest radio technologies, designed to improve system communication integrity in the harshest site environments. Offering both manual and automatic channel selection, it operates on 458Mhz with up to 500mW of power on tap.

Application and operation

Application and operation

Siignals SiigSense™ places full vehicle control at your fingertips with touchscreen configuration of up to 16 pods covering a wide variety of roadworks from simple shuttle working to more complex multiphase layouts. The portable traffic lights configure as single pods or grouped into phases and can be used to control different approaches, controlling both vehicle and pedestrian flow**.

With SiigSense™, the ability to configure each pod as a primary or secondary head significantly improves layout control whilst continuing to enhance high level safety protocols within the SiigSense™ controller.

** Pedestrian not available on launch.

"Siignals provides up to 16 heads to control both vehicle and pedestrian flow"


Toughness is part of Siigsense’s DNA bolstered by a host of security features.

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Efficiency gains contributes to a greener footprint than basic mobile traffic signals.

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