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An important part of how we operate at Siignals is to ensure that we do our best to contribute to a greener future. That is why we were proud to be given exclusivity to the Adaptive Ambient Dimming feature available on SiigSense™.

Adaptive Ambient Dimming takes information supplied from the onboard GPS and light level sensor, and if the correct criteria are met permits the light output of the aspects to adapt to the ambient light levels in real time. This allows the pods to operate safely in dim mode for an extended time, saving power and extending run times.

Operational longevity and power consumption is further improved by the use of specially designed low power LED optics, featuring on-board lamp monitoring.

The two-piece sealed units are fitted with individual IPX6 rated plug connections. Optic performance complies with EN 12368 European Standards.

Recharging the pods using our SiigTelligent power supply ensures the internal batteries are accurately monitored and conditioned, extending their performance and reliability, when compared to existing industry charging regimes, resulting in an industry first for battery warranties.

These self-contained pods eliminate the need to service individual batteries and offer complete user control over the charging, maintenance and lifecycle of the power supply.

To find out more about this technology or to request a demo of our SiigSense™ technology, give us a call today on 0333 360 2700.

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