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Siignals want to work with our customers to improve the challenges that they face everyday and our aim with SiigSense™ was to create a portable traffic signal that works for as many of our customers as possible.

Therefore, we have included Datum Point in addition to the Siignals Enhanced VA mode!

Datum Point - The reduction in excessive vehicle waiting time is important. Datum Point is an operational mode using a nominated central point within the site under control and a distance measurement from each stop line. SiigSense™ converts these distances to time and sets red clearance times for each phase. Depending on the next phase to be shown a green, the simple automatic addition of the corresponding times will run the total clearance time. Effective on most multiphase applications, with a mixture of long and short legs. Standard and Enhanced Datum Point is provided on the SiigSense™ controller.

Enhanced VA Modes - The SiigSense™ controller automatically adjusts the system green times within specified limits to cope with changing traffic conditions on each approach, providing additional green time where needed. The resulting benefits are adaptive tidal flow periods, reduced vehicle waiting time and most importantly, a reduction in the need for onsite operators continually monitoring traffic conditions and applying manual timing adjustments. This feature applies to both shuttle working and multiphase installations.

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