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Traffic management just got smarter, much smarter

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We are proud to launch the most technologically advanced traffic signals in the UK.

The SiigSense™ portable traffic signal brings never seen before technology to the UK traffic management marketing including a configurable SiigSense™ touch screen operation. Designed with the user in mind, an all-weather and rugged, large 7” full colour, high contrast, wide viewing angle touch screen with intuitive swipe, scroll and tap menus bring ease of operations. The touchscreen software is fully updateable making the system virtually future-proof.

Our controller automatically configures for vehicle or pedestrian setup, minimising set-up time and reducing the chance of error. Primary and secondary unit identification allows for enhanced safety protocols. The reconfigurable interface ensures that not only do you have total control of the site, but the option to add user and site codes in addition to your company’s brand on screen, enhancing individuality and security.

SiigSense™ operates an intelligence driven Priorities Demand Strategy (PDS). This constantly monitors the traffic flow in all operational modes to ensure optimised sequencing, further assisting in avoiding frustratingly long driver waiting times and reducing vehicle emissions. With hierarchical control within all operational modes (dependant on the scenario), the SiigSense™ controller issues demand with differing levels of importance ensuring that the signals react dynamically to the ever-changing requirements of the site (Patent pending).

To find out more about our SiigSense™ Portable Traffic Signal call us today on 0333 360 2700 or send us an email to

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